I just love
television so much.

Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock)

Who Dis?

Hi! I’m Ash!

Currently I’m a member of the Sheffield based improv troupe The Antics, and I travel to Los Angeles annually to continue my comedy education at The Groundlings in West Hollywood, where I’m enrolled in the Core Track Training Program.

Besides writing and improv comedy I love graphic design, and I’m a self taught web designer and developer. I spend a lot of time at the computer creating things in WordPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, and  Blender 3D and am always looking for new projects to challenge my creativity.

During my down time you can probably find me cheering on my favorite football team – The Buffalo Bills, improving my kill/death ratio on Call of Duty: Black Ops or drawing. I openly admit to spending too much money on Lego, watching television in the name of “research” and having a current addiction to Chai Tea. I’m also the co-host of The Goldnerds Podcast, the un-officially-official Goldbergs podcast where we have interviewed many of the cast, crew and writers.

Some of my work...

Inspired by television