9JKL (CBS 8:30 Mondays)

Several years ago I wrote a review for the FOX sitcom Mulaney, starring SNL writer/comic turned actor John Mulaney, and at the time I said I couldn’t find a single good thing to say about the show. Well, congratulations guys I’ve finally found one – you’re NOT CBS sitcom 9JKL  AND no longer the worst television show I’ve ever watched. Party down folks, enjoy your moment.

Now back to this fucking thing over here… I don’t even have the energy so in lieu of a review I’m going to show you how I envision the pitch session going down for the terrible crime against television that is 9JKL.


CBS Executive 1: “We need another comedy on the schedule, someone make that happen!”

CBS Executive 2: “Well boss, we don’t really have anything in the pipeline….”

CBS Executive 1: “Who cares, just take a bunch of scripts from the 1992 rejection pile and copy and paste something together.”

CBS Executive 2: “Oh good thinkin’ boss! Retro’s in!”

CBS Executive 1: “Yeeees… And make sure to emphasize the worst sitcom tropes from the nineties! People don’t quite hate the multi-cam sitcom genre enough nowadays!”

CBS Executive 2: “Yeah boss, yeah! We can change that!”

CBS Executive 1: “Hmm.. terrible script and terrible acting is not enough though we need…. a terrible name. Something that will confuse people and bring absolutely nothing to the premise of the show..”

CBS Executive 2: “…..9JKL”

CBS Executive 1: “You’re going to go far in this business, kid! Here, take a billion dollars and get that shit made!”


9JKL is on CBS Mondays… at some time. Who gives as shit….. your time would be better spent laying face down in a pool of your own vomit.

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