Rel (FOX)

Anyone who knows me knows I’m still bitter about the cancellation of The Carmichael Show. Like taking that shit to the graaaaaaaave level of bitter. BUT the good news is we kind of have a way forward with Rel, FOX’s newest comedy. Not only does it star Carmichael Show alum Lil Rel Howery, but it’s produced by none other than Jerrod Carmichael himself!!!

The show revolves around Rel, a recently separated father of two who is trying his best to adjust to life living on his own for the first time in years.

Now look… Let me holler at you all right now…

WATCH THIS SHOW! You all fucked up The Carmichael Show for me. That show was funny, and smart and none of you all watched it. How do I know – cuz it’s not on the air anymore!!!

Rel may not be as funny as Carmichael, but it’s the closest I’m getting to having my beloved show back so dammit do me a solid already. I didn’t cancel your damn Big Bang Theory, and fucking Housewives Of The Kardashians so let me have this! Just THIS dammit……..

And it co-stars Sinbad, what more do you people want!?!?!

……… seriously y’all I really like this show. So watch it. Please.

Rel airs Sunday 9:30/8:30c on FOX

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