Sandra and Carol: Superstore’s Greatest Rivals

Oh Superstore, you are a little gem in the bland Network Television landscape. Week after week you provide us with pure joy and laughter, but no more so then when bitter rivals Sandra and Carol are on screen together. Theirs is truly, in my opinion, one of the greatest feuds of all time so let’s take a look back at how it all transpired shall we?

Sandra’s first appearance is in Magazine Profile (S01E02), where we find out she’s been having sex with Sal in the dressing rooms.

“Ugh I don’t even like him. I have self esteem issues and I think being with him is a way of me punishing myself.”

We don’t get to meet Carol until a few episodes later in Mannequin (S01E04) where she suffers the wrath of Mateo’s zoning and gets condemned to a full shift in the freezer!

During the early episodes the interaction between the two is practically non existent. Based off the break room scenes they don’t even appear to be working the same shifts most of the time.

Someone’s swapped shifts!!!

They even appear to be kind of friends in Rebranding  (S02E11) when Sandra is accused of, and essentially goes along with, having and affair with district manager Jeff.

“He pulled me into his KIA, and he said to me ‘Sandra, take out your tators!'”

So where did it all go wrong you ask?……

In (S02E12) Ladies Lunch Sandra is still ‘dating’ Jeff, and during said lunch we find out a lot about their “relationship”. In a hilariously pathetic monologue we find out about his dark side, they like to make love on satin sheets, and that he thinks she’s prettier than her sister…

Carol, on the other hand is acting thirsty AF calling up Amy’s husband Adam after she learns the two have separated. Not cool Carol, not cool at all.  She even takes time to call him back at the restaurant referring to Amy as “ugh you know who”.

But up until this point there’s no apparent rift, or competition between the two…… until HE appears.

The guy we come to know as Jerry is sitting at the bar where the ladies are lunching, and when Sandra goes to order a few drinks they hit it off. Their mutual love of Vampire Diaries bonds them and we begin to see love blossom across the lacquered bar stools.

But then in comes Carol, still on the hunt for any man she can find. She interrupts Sandra and Jerry’s flirting session when she asks about Jeff which of course forces Sandra to go along with the charade and walk away from what could be the love of her life. 

I’m not saying Carol is a bitch,  I’m saying she’s a massive bitch! 

The remainder of the episodes sees Sandra looking on solemnly as Carol and Jerry bump and grind on the dance floor together. 

The single saddest screenshot you’ll ever see…

For the next several episodes we don’t hear much about Carol and Jerry’s relationship, and Sandra continues to keep up the illusion she’s in a committed, loving relationship.

In Valentine’s Day (S02E13) she gets lavished with flowers, a Candy Gram, a watch, and a puppy!!!! Damn, pretend Jeff is a keeper! I mean anyone that writes this on a card is definately marriage material –
“My precious treasure, words can not express my love for you. And I love seeing you naked because it’s really good. Love, Mr Man”

“Jandra, we should call them Jandra!”…..

The wheels come off Jandra’s love affair in Wellness Fair (S02E15) when Amy catches Jeff out and about with Mateo…

While Sandra tries to keep up the illusion of a relationship the store is a buzz with the “Sandra’s pregnant” rumours. That is until a staff meeting brings everything out into the open… Jeff is dating Mateo and also has no idea who Sandra is.

I’m going to need this on a t-shirt NBC

Seriously, the riding away in the glass horse drawn carriage is so painfully funny, you’ll laugh and then cry.

“Can you take me to the frozen custard place?”

At the wedding of the year, Cheyenne’s Wedding (S02E20), things get a bit tense because of COURSE Carol brings Jerry. This is the first time Sandra and Jerry have seen each other since meeting at the bar, and their awkwardness is sweet. But their reunion is quickly interrupted by Carol, in desperate need of her vape pen, sends Jerry to go get it from the car.

During the nuptials Sandra glances across the room to see Carol fixing his suit. UGH! Carol. Stop….

My only guess is Carol is busy getting drinks at the bar for much of the reception, or trying to hit on Adam again, since she’s no where around which allows Jerry and Sandra to catch up.

Sandra even comes clean about making up the whole boyfriend thing, damn girl, kudos!! You have more guts than most.

They even hit up the dance floor together, and you know what Jerry? You’re right – Sandra is a really good dancer!

But the magic doesn’t last, cuz once again here comes Carol and all her bitchiness…

“I’ve seen people cut cake, let’s go!”

“I can’t start the car with my mind!”

So off walks Jerry once again with Carol, leaving Sandra all on her own.

But then….

HE COMES BACK!!! YES SANDRA! And take THAT Carol!!!!!

Carol doesn’t take this lying down though – and things get ramped up a notch in Tornado (S02E21). During a staff meeting discussing the upcoming staff lay offs, Glen asks the staff who should be let go and in an aggressive move Carol nominates Sandra. Not in an attempt to save her own job but because she stole her boyfriend – and she’s bad at zoning. OUCH. Shots fired.

Carol: “I think we should fire the sluts!”

Sandra begins to stand up for herself though in probably the most hilariously spiteful way possible. As the tornado starts bearing down on the store Sandra starts ushering her fellow Cloud Niners to the safety of the photo lab. All of them… except Carol.

In a sardonically silent scene Sandra merely shuts the door in Carol’s face, leaving her to fend for herself against the elements.

But fear not, Carol survives and comes back sassier than ever and this is the true turning point of this rivalry.

In the season 3 premiere Grand Re-Opening Carol  DOES NOT hold back as she almost drops a box on Sandra’s head. I mean that box could have slipped out her hands, but we all know that just ain’t Carol’s way. 

“Oops. Sorry…..”

The confrontations continue during the staff meeting in Brett’s Dead (S03E02) where Carol addresses the fact that Sandra did literally leave her to die during the tornado. 

In Part Time Hires (S03E03) Carol shares with new co-worker Kelly, that she has plans to steal back her man Jerry.

The first public outing for Jandra 2.0 is in Golden Globes Party (S03E09). Look how happy Sandra is, and how….present Jerry is. He’s still suffering from the effects of the coma guys!

It all gets very, very dark when the state of the Carol/Sandra feud gets brought up in Amnesty (S03E15)

“So you know how Carol and I hate each other? Well I hate her, she looks up to me. Well I paid four different guys to come into the store to ask her out, then never show up.”

“I’ve been doing things to Sandra’s lunch…”

And it’s pointed out that Sandra “wants to kill a co-worker named Carol”.

“Well I put on a hoodie, that covers my face,and I take the 47 bus line to a library in a faraway town. Then I open a private browser on one of their computers, and Google how I’m thinking of killing her to see what mistakes people usually make. “


We don’t see much of them together for several episodes after this, which is probably for the best after those confessions. Sandra even dabbles in working at Target, after her former “lover” tells everyone he’s become the new manager there…

We are kept in the loop of Sandra and Jerry’s blossoming love though, but their activities are usually hide and go seek, taking the rails off the toilet. (Local Vendors Day S03E18), and his catheter removal (Gender Reveal S03E20).

And Carol is back to trying to score more of Amy’s sloppy seconds, calling up Alex in the stock room in Aftermath (S03E21). Carol, seriously get some self respect girl…

Things remain relatively civil between the feudsters until the aptly name Toxic Work Environment episode (S04E03) where we find out that Sandra, and a now fully functional, Jerry are planning to move in together.

Oh, and that Carol has HPV….

And just in true Carol fashion, she’s not going down with out a fight. While Jerry is pursuing the home decor aisle she tries to “help him”, resulting in a bit of joking around and ends with Carol’s shirt above her head. Classy Carol, reeeeeeeal classy..

But the news of this just provokes the fighter in Sandra…

“Keep you saggy boobs to yourself!”

The claws are full on out now and during a meeting in the staff room, that mostly revolves around making fun of Kelly, Carol jumps in to take another swipe at her arch nemesis.

“Wait wait.. who’s this? ‘I’m Sandra and I’m a dirty slut, who goes around stealing other people’s boyfriends..”

Not to be out done, Sandra hits back haaaard…

“Oh yeah? Well who’s this? I’m a jealous, psycho stalker who can’t take the fact that Jerry chose Sandra over me! And now they’re moving in together and they’re going to be so happy and I’ll be alone.”


A nerve was clearly hit, as Carol decides to ‘screw empathy!’ and declares she wants Jerry back. No one can decide who should have him, even though Jonah does insist on letting Jerry himself decide, so of course it ends in a coin toss….

“Sandra, call it in the air!…”


“Tails…. Carol he’s all yours.”


The saddest goodbye…..

I mean not only has that ruined all the couples shopping they had done but now there’s no one to be the front to Sandra’s back end of a horse costume…(Costume Competition S04E04)

“…he’s in Fort Lauderdale with Carol”

Sandra seems to be working more, and trying to be more palsy with Dina as she appears in a number of episodes leading up to the winter break. Carol on the other hand, must be off with her lover because she only appears in Delivery Day (S04E05) up until this point.

Blizzard (S04eE12) is the first appearance of Carol and Jerry after the long hiatus, or extra long Fort Lauderdale trip.

As a blizzard bears down on the store, the employees are worried about getting snowed in. All except Carol – who is only concerned with running out of Vape Juice, and gets Jerry to deliver some to the store.

Jerry risked his life, “hitting some ice and nearly skidding into a pet ce…” to please Carol, and she is none to pleased when she sees he’s brought the wrong flavour.

“This is cotton candy, I asked you for Candy CANE. Whatever, I guess I don’t matter.”

Ugh, Carol.

The crew are finally allowed to leave, but after attempting to get to their cars in the parking lot, and Sandra worrying if her bus was still running on the normal schedule, they end up heading back into Cloud Nine to hunker down for the evening.

Sandra joins Jerry at the cafe, where they have a sweet catch up and learn that Carol doesn’t allow him to eat sugar and Sandra was thinking about getting bangs. Awwwwww……

Of course what would a store sleep in be without a game of “Who Did You Lose Your Virginity To” – thanks Dina.

When Dina prompts Sandra to share her story we get hit with that awkward stick….

“What do we do if the person we did it with.. is here?”

Carol is so going to do something to Sandra’s lunch tomorrow….

When it’s time for light’s out, poor Sandra somehow got stuck sleeping next to Carol and Jerry’s tent.

And as you can imagine, that tent started rockin’….. seriously Carol, in a public place? With your co-workers around???

Day to of Snowpocoblizz.. oh wait no that was just some guy on Twitter trying to get that going. Either way, the staff are not going anywhere after a huge snow drift blocks the doors.

While everyone is trying to decide what to watch, Sandra gives Jerry a loving make up at the cosmetics counter.

Sandra thinks he “looks good”, but then in wafts that Vape cloud of a floozy.

“Really? I think he looks like his whore sister.”

Wow. That’s harsh even by Carol’s standards.

Aside from insulting the man in her life’s family, Carol keeps busy by partaking in a guess the drink game with Marcus and Justine (it was Bud Light Lime), while Jerry and Sandra also find a way to occupy their time……


Stay tuned to Superstore Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC and support #TeamSandra, or if you’re so inclined … #TeamCarol

Dina walks in on Sandra and Jerry… and well I for one can not WAIT for Carol’s reaction.

Lovebirds (S04eE13) – Valentines Day and when Justine mentions she’s going to an Anti-Valentines party with some college kids, Carol agrees to join her since, “Jerry is working late again tonight”.

When Dina asks Sandra what her plans are, she quietly says none – and of course Carol has to chime in with “so sad”. I can’t help but smile knowing the truth! Bwahahaha

When Sandra gets a giant Valentines bear delivered to her, Carol wastes no time reminding her “you wanted everyone to think you had a boyfriend, so you kept sending yourself Valentines gifts from Jeff”.

But there was a card CA-ROL! Yes, from Antonio Lasagna! And he even sent her singers… so HA!

As Carol and Justine are leaving for the party, they bump in to Sandra…

We next see Sandra stocking candles in SALARY (S0415) but Carol must be off living it up with Jerry.. ya know when he isn’t working late 😉

We also learn Sandra is not going to the doctor about her bad knees because she’s saving up for a bike. A bike built for TWO! BOOM! No, actually it’s because the bus driver keeps trying to drive her to his house.

Easter (S04E16) – these two sure love working holidays together, huh?

Carol wastes no time joining in on mocking newly promoted store manager Amy. Seriously, Carol be a nice person already! And Sandra is told to keep an eye out for the large Easter Bunny roaming the store, since he “might be a serial killer or terrorist.”

But that Easter Bunny isn’t a killer… he’s Jer-Bear!!!!!!!!! And he knew they “could spend the day together without her knowing”!!!! Yes Jerry! YEEEESS! Code Cotton Tail IN-DEED!

I guess Carol can continue to masturbate in the bathroom. (Gross)

Cloud Green (S04E18) sees the gang trying to do their best for the environment and Glenn ropes people into his bible study. Where we find out Sandra saw Lily Tomlin in an airport… it looked like her anyway.

**Writer’s Note: While this article/rundown does seem to be very Pro-Sandra, face it Carol is a bitch, I would like to stress that I love both Kaliko Kauahi and Irene White equally!

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